Exuviance Heel Repair from NeoStrata

I have seriously ugly feet.  I myself am happy and thankful for my feet, while my evil children point and laugh.  Then my hubby chimes in with, “I’m going to drag you to get those feet done”,  *sigh*  they are so materialistic.

Not really, and in all seriousness no mater what I do my feet are dry and cracked.  I have a full drawer of products I’ve wasted money on, for dry cracked feet.  Yes I moisturize daily.  So when NeoStrata Company asked me to try their Exuviance Heel Repair I was excited.  Their other products have worked, so I thought I would give it a shot.

I think my feet have gone to heaven.  I kid you not, I got out of the shower and applied the Exuviance Heel Repair and it soaked right up and felt super good.   I let it dry and put on my 100% cotton socks.  Then Thursday the same and I noticed all the rough junk on my heals was already going away after only 2 applications.

So today I used it again and experience from the prior two days, was right on the money.  My feet are looking better.  They stopped looking like swamp monsters and they feel better.  I think I just got used to them being tired and sore.   Exuviance Heel Repair gets an A+ from me.

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