Fixin’ America Series – First Edition

I wonder how long it will take him to find this photo?

Last night I heard on the news that the flu was out and about in all 50 states.  I should have taken note.  Hubby is in bed sick with it and I’m hoping that it  doesn’t make it’s rounds in the house.  I’m ready with my handy dandy Lysol kit to cover everything that holds a germ (well almost everything).
The kids are home from school for President’s day.  When did President’s day become so huge?  When we were in Florida in 07 the parks were packed over Presidents Day.  I think there are a lot of  places we can cut our government budget.  I think the government should ask budgeting mom.

First get rid of the chef in the White House if the rest of us American moms have to cook so should the first lady.  In the words of Rose “Nothing says I love you like fillin’ your mans belly full”  ok well she  would say that if given the chance but she’s not gonna get the chance.
All of the diplomats that come to dinner?  Have you heard of a potluck?  Dang they could have some great meals and you could taste here and there.  Now, I’m not trying to tell the First Lady how to do her “job” but she’s got it nice an cozy up there in the White house and needs to help the economy and cut the household budget.
Oh yeah what I started to say but almost forgot.  The mail is too much money.  So instead of giving them fake holidays with pay maybe we should only pay them for true holidays.  Give them Saturday and Sundays off and give them the pay cut that we’ve all had to take.  This would cut government expenses, give the postal service their 40 hours, and hopefully increase their production.  I myself have sent Rose lots of stuff that hasn’t been recieved, she found thrown in a ditch, AND the dude has too much time on his hands because he read all the mail I sent her.
Ty for reading my Fixin’ America Series
To be continued………

PS:  If Rose tries to tell you some made up story about when I was in DC  She’s lying I admit to NOTHING

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