Meals & Condiments

My family are condiment fans.  When I say fans I should say addicts.  We go through a big bottle of ketchup a week, we have various mustards in the fridge, and syrup.  Condiments are expensive and their calories pack a punch (check out the Divine Caroline post).  As I say this my husbands maple syrup is cooking down outside.  He has a handy dandy new hydrometer too (don’t even ask).

Tonight I made smoked sausage with onion and potatoes.  Just chop it all up and put it in the oven.  I don’t eat condiments and so I wanted to put dinner watch.  Kid #1 gets up for ketchup, kid #2 mustard and ketchup, kid #3 salsa, and my husband?  All of the ones mentioned but add sour cream.  I kinda sorta feel like it doesn’t  matter what or how I cook its going to be killed with condiments anyway.

I really don’t enjoy cooking.  I’m not creative and finding a monthly menu or pricing the food at the grocer for that matter is overwhelming. Condiments alone cost a small fortune.  Have you seen the price of steak sauce?  So what is my reason for this post?  There isn’t one really.  It’s mostly to whine and maybe some of you can give my family some new meal ideas.

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