Pets, Kids & Responsibility

Teaching your kids it’s a “dog eat dog world” so to speak and  then showing them nature and the  feeding  and care of  pets.  We had a turtle join our about 2 or 3 years ago and we love her.  It took us a good 6 months to figure out how to feed her.

We started with goldfish and the savagery that she would snap at them and shred them with her claws left us speechless.  Now though, she seems to have made peace with the fish in the tank.  There are 13 lucky goldfish that she refuses to eat.  They were baby feeder fish but now the biggest  is about 4 1/2 inches long and the others aren’t far behind.

So we moved on to pellets from Pet Supplies and I heard they like green roughage.  Darthette will eat the the pellets but not the roughage and she’s not as quick as the 13 lucky goldfish who eat the pellets with in seconds of putting them in the tank.

Now we’re working with basic fishing bait and thinking why didn’t I think of that sooner?  She loves minnows.  By loves I mean she ate a dozen in one night.  We expected them to frolic in the tank a few days but we went to bed and in the morning they were all gone.  We’ve also tried worms.  She LOVES them.  She begs for them.  She comes up to the tank and literally begs.

She loves when we have company and comes to the glass of her aquarium to look around.  She has taught us a lot and we have come to love her (every one yell shut up Rose – Rose rolls her eyes and I can hear it through the phone).

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