It’s Thursday & We’re Ready For a Relaxing Weekend

I’m thankful it’s Thursday and tomorrow will be the end of the week. The family can relax and we’re having an uber Family Night. We have a great new game to play (I will be telling you about this soon) and we’re watching Yogi Bear. Generally we have a snack night like chicken wings, little pizzas and such but with Lent we’re trying to find non meat dishes. I think we’re going with cheese pizza and pierogis.


With a short week (the kids were out for springbreak on Monday) it was unorganized and chaotic at best. With a short week I found it inconvenient for the Middle School teachers to have a big event project. We didn’t have an issue with it but a lot of the families that were away on break did. I do have to say I’m super proud of my son that did a model project of Goddard’s First Rocket. He worked hard had a tad bit of help here and there, but received a final grade of an A!


Quinn is having a mild anxiety attack (kidding) because his friend on the one side of the house is gone and my parents, our neighbors on the other side have gone north. My husband and I have encouraged outdoor play with the kids, unfortunately Quinn feels he has to have someone to play with all the time. It’s chilly by “Winter’s” standards but at least the kids don’t have to wear a full snowsuit and boots to go out.


My daughter who this fall donated her hair to “Locks of Love” has it grown out enough to keep it out of her face and pulled back a bit. Just in time for prom, her SENIOR Prom. I’m getting old but love every minute of it.

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