Where Is The USA Headed?

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There is so much to worry about right now and our thoughts must be put into perspective.  The weather is raining terror on the south.  There are tornadoes all over the mid west.   Many people in the USA aren’t sleeping safely in their own beds tonight.  They aren’t gathered around the family dinner table.

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While this may not be Hurricane Katrina, it is still devastating to the USA.  Our country is already in trouble and the devastation of Mother Nature is going to hit our economy too.  So many people in our area do not have food to put on their table.  Many no longer have a vehicle to go to work.

Every politician thinks they can make a difference and many feel it in their heart.  The real truth is until you are in the office and you know ALL that is going on (classified you know) you really don’t have a leg to stand on.  The politicians tables are not empty, their gas tanks aren’t empty, they have hot water, they have money in their pocket but it never seems to be enough.

Our state, Michigan mide as well be bankrupt.  The  unions have pushed the USA out of the competitive car markets.  When stuck in a union your union wages pay mostly union over head  and so it is  the rich get richer.  At one time unions helped people who were suffering.  Somewhere along the line that changed and it isn’t a fair balance between employers and employees.

I have a saying here that aggravates my family, but it’s true.  When an item I have, love or cherish breaks, it reminds me that those are things and not people.  Things are not made to be treasured.  People are.


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