Original Sprout Safe Skin Care For The Family

I love sponsors that are more than just a name or a product.  Companies that mix the two create brand loyalty and trust between the company and the consumer.  Original Sprout is one of those companies.  They are a family-run company located in California.

Many of the points we now desire in skin and beauty products are all combined into Original Sprout.

  • Products are made by a master stylist and mother.  They are safe and natural but work better than high-end salon brands
  • Free of phthalates, phytoestrogens, soy, gluten, animal products, parabens, and proplene glycol
  • Free of skin penetrators & photosensitizers
  • Extracts are all certified organic
  • Products are vegetarian/vegan & biodegradable
  • And those are just a few of the great points that makes Original Sprout an excellent product for your household.

Our family was lucky to receive a few of these great products to try.  The Hair & Body Wash with natural and organic ingredients, was used  on my youngest.  It definitely cleaned up the dirty boy and took away the little boy smell.

The next two products were great for me.   The Scrumptious Baby Cream for babies and grown ups, goes on smooth and quickly absorbs into your skin.  Many organic or all natural lotions or creams are really thin in texture, but this is creamy in texture and hydrates your skin right away.


Miracle Detangler, with natural and organic ingredients is family friendly too.  This creates immediate results to comb through hair pain free.  Miracle on wind blown natural curly hair helps get rid of the knotted mess.  It also helps keep your hair from looking frizzy.


A nice piece of information I found on the Original Sprout website is:  “Our Worry-Free Formulas are for Parents who don’t want PhytoEstrogens touching their Little Sprouts!  PhytoEstrogens can be linked to gynecomastia, early puberty, hormone disruption and fertility problems.”  So the fact that Original Sprout doesn’t contain PhytoEstrogens is a huge plus to all families.