Travel By Amtrak And Open A Whole New World Of Fun

I used to do a lot of flying but now I don’t fly in anyway shape or form.  When I was small my family was on a plane that was hit by lightning and zapped the power from the plane.  My next issue was going to stay with my aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh and the plane blew a tire on landing.  That was scarey but the last 2 were the worst.  My husband and I encountered turbulence on a plane to Vegas and a flight over Detroit couldn’t get cleared for landing because of too much snow.

Whew that was long winded leading me to say I now travel  by Amtrak.  My first experience as you know was going to St. Louis to meet  Rose for the first time.  We of course were on a learning excursion but enjoyed the company of one another and the meet and greet too.  We met many bloggers (I always freaking regress).

I met a person on our train from Chicago to DC and today from DC to Chicago.  You know one of those people you will never forget.  Octavia, takes care of the snack car.  She is filled with smiles and happiness comes out of her heart.  She is the fun and perky person behind the snack car  intercom system.  If you want to know what the snack car has I assure you Octavia can help.   With her with and perky voice you see the passengers start towards the snack cart.

The first time I met her her two little girls were there in the snack car  and they were so darling.  They were polite and nice and I KNOW they are going to grow up to be successful in life.  Hearing them speak like little ladies and the attention they poured on one other as mom works is priceless and Octavia should be proud.

Octavia, loves her job and it shows.  Amtrak can be proud of service with a smile on.


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