Father’s Day Is Coming Soon – Share A Favorite Memory

My Daddy-O at Easter Time

Father’s Day is this weekend and while everyone is looking for the perfect gift, I want to look at this from childs point of view.  My youngest Quinn, is rather sensitive and is always ahead of me on holidays.  While he was in school and working on his last art project, he  made sure it was something he could give to his dad, for Father’s Day.  It doesn’t matter that it’s a blob of clay that he drew into what matters is the thought.

To my husband that little clay blob will be kept forever because of the love and thought that went into it.  Never mind Quinn’s excitement and showing it to him, and then whispering shhh! don’t tell I showed it to you, before Father’s Day.

My dh for 20 years

Many children today are trying to participate in Father’s Day but the parents are divorced.  I once told my sister whether you like your ex or not, you bred with him, and he is your baby’s dad.  That will never change, the right thing to do is to get him a card and let her daughter sign it, and if you want to give him a gift I bet he’d love even a pack of gum from his little girl.

I got an idea from Divine Caroline to share a favorite Father-Daughter Memory.  I have a lot of them but this is my favorite and shows that parents are people too.  My brother and I were 6 and 7 and my older sisters were having a garage sale.  They sat us at the table with chips, dip and a sandwich and went back outside.  We had the best and uninterrupted food fight you’ve ever seen.

My sisters came in and marched us to our room for the rest of the day.  I heard the fighting, yelling, and telling when my dad got and I KNEW I was in big trouble.  So he comes to our room, closes the door,  and asks if we had a food fight.  We told him “yep” .  I think he may even have asked us if it was fun.  So he says rather loudly well, I guess I’m going to have to spank you then.  He put his finger to his lips and said shhh!  Took out a book and smacked it  a couple of times with his hand loudly and told  my brother and I to cry.  Put the book away and that was the end of that.


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