LiQWD Professional Hair Care Products

It took me a little while to get this review written up because  different people in the house used different products.  The products I had the pleasure of reviewing are the LiQWD Hydrating products.  My hair literally soaked it up and is feeling less like hay and more like hair.  I also used the Liqwdity Intensive Hair Masque.

My husband uses all the hairspray in our house.  I’m pretty much a wash and go gal and so is my daughter.  The boys have their heads shaved for the summer so that left only my husband to try the hairspray.  The Design Professional Working Spray is every stylist’s glam go-to and I have to agree that LiQWD Design is one of the best.  His hair stayed in place on graduation day and it was quite windy.

My daughter was able to try the LiQWD Voluminizing products.  Her hair is super thick but super straight too.  Her hair is still  bouncing back from the Locks of Love hair cut she got, so it needs a little more poof to it.

I’m going to say this and it’s going to almost kill me BUT!, good hair care products DO make a difference.  My hair isn’t so frizzy,  Sarena’s isn’t so flat and Neal’s well, Neal’s is perfect like it always is.

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