Did You Give Thanks On July 4th?

I started this post a few days ago and wanted to post it yesterday but just didn’t get a chance.  We have so much family around from out of town that I’ve been enjoying them and slacking a bit here.

On July 4th, we gather to celebrate our independence.  If you have an opinion about anything and live in the USA, you should be thankful.  Never had I been more proud to be an American than on 9/11.  9/11 brought out the bravery in many people and showed us coming together as a country.

I knew then as did most everyone else that we would be going to war.   We just didn’t know it would be a war with so many fronts, and that we would lose so many husbands, son, wives, and daughters.  My emotions run strong as I write this for many reasons, so this is a bit lengthy.  22 Years ago, sitting on Lake Michign, during our 4th of July fireworks my prince charming proposed.  I hurriedly accepted before he could change his mind, and a year and a month to the day we were married.

We honeymooned in Washington DC, and stayed at the Vista International hotel.  A hotel where politicians and business men stayed.  There was a huge gathering of soldiers, there was a huge buzz about, and many political figures were staying at our hotel and we heard the whispers.  Then too, we knew war was coming.

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday.  Our independence is what gives us the choice to celebrate Christmas and Easter, my other favorite holidays.  Today when all of our political parties are fighting, protesters protesting, and history being made with the first African American President I KNOW independence made it possible.

Today I couldn’t be prouder, with men and women ~ soldiers & press risking their lives to bring us our freedom.  Whether they want to be in the war zone or not, they are doing the right thing and serving our country.  Here is a thought….My oldest son 14, was never allowed to play war at school, couldn’t even make a gun from Legos, it was a no questions asked expulsion.  My youngest son, however is going to be 9 years old.  He has NEVER known the USA to not be at war.  He and his friends play war games.  This is their reality.

I am proud to be an American with choices.  Thank you to our troops, their families & thank you to our citizens.


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