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Learning Loss Sponsored By Carolina Pad

What does your family do in the Summer to keep your child’s interest in learning?  I myself disguise it .  I think my kids learn much more during the Summer than teachers give them credit for.  Not only is Summer a time of growing and learning lessons of maturity but it is also a fun and full of wonder.

Last day of school I let my kids slug in bed but after that it’s done.  This is a family and they each have jobs.  Not huge ones but a few like vacuuming, sweeping off our deck, etc.  Then I send them outside  to help take clothes off the line and it never fails they bring something living and squirming back in to me (ewww).  Not long after they’re asking to go the computer because they want to find out what they caught.

We also get the kids toys that camouflage learning.  Like the Bug Playground.  While it’s for younger kids it’s got the attention of my older son too.  Their dad teaches them practical things like how to add air to their bike tires, how to pump up a basketball, and how to build things with wood, hammer and nails.

Rainy day?  Perfect!  My kids aren’t allowed to watch tv during the day, so out come the card games and the board games.  Uno is a great learning tool for kids and keeping track of their points in their Sasquatch notebooks.  Counting their points and learning strategy keeps their little noggins turning.  Even my 9 year old is doing well at Scrabble but Monopoly says it all.  I think Monopoly is one of the best turning your wheels game ever invented.

The other thing I do with my kids is keep a journal, the hard cover Carolina Pad journals are perfect!  They keep pages from falling out and the cover from being torn off.  Summer journals allow your kids to write about their feelings, frustrations, things they’re thankful for, and things they need to pray about.   It’s neat to pull them out and read them a year after they were written to see how far your life has changed.  Overall I don’t think Summer causes Learning Loss in our home, because we’re too busy to let it set in.

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