Sweeney’s Critter Control Repel Moles & More Giveaway Ends 08/06/11

Living in a rural area has it’s perks as well as the pits. One of the pits are the moles that kill my flowers and dig massive mazes of tunnels all over the yard. We know it’s moles because we have seen them, the cat has caught them and the dogs have brought them in the house after catching them. These are not fun scenarios.

We don’t want to use poison to get rid of the moles to move away because of our pets, but we’re also scared that someone is going to get hurt by stepping into one of the mole tunnel’s, which I have done several times. By no means would I want one of the little ones to accidentally pick up a mole, the claws on those things are huge!

So it’s easy to say, we have a mole problem!

We were recently introduced to Sweeney’s Weapons. Now here is what I like about Sweeney’s these aren’t necessarily “weapons of mass mole destruction”, that will wipe out every living creature all around our house, harm our pets or other animals.

Of the three items that were sent for us to review and try out from Sweeney’s, I think my favorite has to be the Solar Powered Sonic Spike. Since it’s solar powered there are no batteries to fuss with or to replace, easy to place in the yard, just press the spike all the way down so that you can easily mow over the top of it. No poisons, no worries, no mess! Easy as pie.

The Repellent Shaker Bag is also easy, not really messy but considering it’s a granule like substance to spread using the easy Shaker Bag I have to rank this a little differently. Not a down-side because it really is easy to use the shaker bag. However this repellent works against moles, gophers, voles and armadillos – another plus on this one to kind of even this one out. It is safe to use on lawns and gardens as well as around pets. It’s made with castor oil and fuller’s earth.

I haven’t done all of my “homework” on armadillos but what I do know is that these things carry some nasty diseases and they are all over our area. My mother in law had one burrowed under their car port. Ewww.

Now the third item sent to me is one I would call a “weapon of mass mole destruction”. Seriously. I handed this one to hubby and let him go with it. Yes, we have this mole trap set out in the yard and before anyone climbs all over me for having a vicious trap out in the yard I just want to say that I don’t want any of the kids or pets bit by a mole or for any of us to break an ankle and yes we do have moles that bad. An upside to the trap is that hubby said it’s easy to set and easy to check. No, he hasn’t trapped a mole yet – I ask him daily. I think he has it in the wrong place but I did turn this one over to him. 🙂 Again, there aren’t any chemicals involved.


If you still think you need a little help for this DIY project, then take a minute to view the How-To videos from Sweeney’s. There are several on their site that I think you’ll find useful. The videos are brief yet informative on how to use the Sweeney products with success.


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Giveaway Ends 08/06/11 at 11:59 PM EST

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