A Weekend Of Too Much Fun :)

Today dear readers I’m sitting here humbled.  I don’t let myself let loose and fun very often, but my friend and her family is here from out of town and we went from the land of trolls to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the St. Ignace Fish Festival.    It was hot and humid when we left here and just going the 20 miles or so north it cooled and was a perfect day/night.

We met up with them at their campsite and they were out on the rocks frolicking and skipping stones (I think maybe that’s a Michigander thing).  We stopped by the campsite and chatted a bit and then went to town for this great festival.  Ummm ok blink and you would have missed it and it was crowded but the smell of the good eats was definitely worth it.

You had to buy tickets on the dock and then move through the vendors to get your food, and drinks.  They had bands, food, beer,  and great kid friendly things to do.  Next year they may want to work on some seating and opening up the rest of the docks.

Anywho, I’m not a drinker and I had a few because well, I was having fun.  I’m seriously paying today.  My usually Journey, Bon Jovi, and Guns ‘N Roses are not playing.  No not one bit.  If it has a beat or a tempo it’s just not happening.  I’m soooooo thankful for a nice quiet house right now.

Oh but waittttt!  We had already planned an excursion to Harry Potter.   That damn, wizard in 3D.  Goodness Golly, the 3D fad has to go.  I don’t much like it to begin with but today was worse.  The movie was fantastic!!!! It was really good and I’m a little sad seeing it come to an end.  It was a movie that boys and girls all liked and enjoyed.

So many great things happened this weekend:

  • It cooled off
  • It was awesome seeing my friend and her family
  • I enjoyed so many sites I rarely get to see in my own area
  • I loved the Harry Potter Movie and so did my youngest son and hubby
  • I am enjoying having my legs kicked up in a cozy clothes and waiting for the thunder showers that are supposed to be coming (Our family loves storms).
  • The house is quiet and my old puppy is at my feet
  • and now I’m visiting other blogs 🙂

Oh and PS:  Sorry no pics to share


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