USA – Africa – Haiti – 2nd Great Depression – Rant, Long etc.

Not only are individual people depressed but so is the news, our government, and hell, almost everyone or thing I know.  Did you see the Dow and Nadaq today?  I try to stay out of politics here because everyone deserves their own opinion, but freaking Obama who was going to fix everything has made everything worse by not playing fair in the sandbox.

This is going to go down in history as the second great depression.  I sat watching the news last night and could have bawled watching the Somalian people.  Not only have they always been a poor people but they are civil war torn.

This reminds me of Sudan and the heartbreaking war they have been through.  The fact that there is no safety for children or adults.  I suppose it always starts with one person standing up and saying enough but when fear has been beat into you and shown to you in the brutal way that has afflicted Sudan what can you say?

Then let me go back to Haiti.  I do feel for Japan and other countries struck with tragedy, don’t get me wrong, but what hits so hard with Haiti is that they are already a poor country.  They are near the USA, and they are in set up perfectly for a civil war.

We forget the lack of humanity in these nations.  Aid workers can’t get into many of these countries because they risk being tortured and murdered.  Even our neighbor to the south, Mexico is invading our land with their drug lords.  Mexico, a beautiful country has developed such a bad reputation that people are leery to even vacation there.

So what can we do to help?  The first thing is to donate, but how can we donate when we as a people aren’t making ends meet?  We have all cut budgets and really have no where else to cut.

  • You can volunteer – many of the relief agencies need local help as well as money
  • Educate yourself – knowing what these nations are up against and having empathy will go a long way.
  • Educate others – especially your children.  Teaching others empathy and educating them will help create awareness.
  • Investigate – before donating.  Make sure you know the organization you are donating to.  That it is worthy of your dollar and legit.  Many of these charities have such a high over head only 30% of the donated money actually goes to the cause.  Many companies also send 90% of the money to the cause but you won’t know until you check them out.
  • Donate – many of us can’t donate on a long term basis or monthly basis, but every now and then may have a spare 10 bucks.  10 bucks is more money then they had and every dollar counts.


Much of my point is the fact that our government is risking our world status and the goodness of the American people to stay on party lines.   We are the biggest humanitarian country I know and yet our government is holding us hostage over balancing our budget.  WTF people we’re expect to balance our household budgets.  What’s done is done and can’t be undone with out a lot of hard work, and clever thinking, which no one in the government seems to have at the moment.


Below are listed some reputable charities that you may want to investigate.  I myself don’t tend to lean on any particular one, some are stronger in areas than others, or maybe it’s just my attitude for the day.



Catholic Relief Services

Operation Blessing

 American Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Save The Children

American Jewish World Service


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