Japonesque Tweezer Collection In Fun New Patterns

Eyebrows got you down?  Get Japonesque tweezers, to help.  Japonesque, a leader in the personal care industry, has added lots of cool new styles and patterns to it’s world-renowned Artisan Slant Tip Tweezer collection.

  • Zebra Stripe Pattern
  • Cheetah Pattern
  • Cow Pattern
  • Starry Dreams
  • Blue Flower
  • Pink Swirl
  • Multi-Flower
  • Pink Giraffe
  • Jigsaw Pattern
  • Pink Lillies
  • Fruit Pattern
  • Summer Stripe
  • Pink Summer

Solid colors are also available, and Japonesque has a company program that offers a Tweezer Reconditioning Program.  Should your tweezers ever lose their edge, simply send back your tweezers and they company will recondition them for free.

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I received a pair of Japonesque  tweezers for review.  This is my opinion and my opinion only.

Thank you to j9pr for this opportunity.