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Canine Calm is a mist that’s used to help calm your dog. My oldest Chihuahua, Baby is absolutely scared to death of loud noises. Now even given the breed of dog, she’s not one to do a lot of the notorious shaking as many chihuahua’s do. If someone shouts in the house she starts shaking and won’t do anything but sit beside me. During thunderstorms my poor girl shakes and pants heavily. With her age it worries me that she could make herself truly sick from a bad case of the nerves. 🙁 Now, I can’t swear by Canine Calm, but I’m not going to knock it either. So read a little more and hang with me, I’d like to tell you all about this as well as Buzz Guard from Earth Heart.

Canine Calm helps calm dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, bath time, competitions, adoptions, holiday travel, clinic or kennel visits.

During one of more recent loud thunderstorms, Baby began her usual pacing, following me, sitting on me, shaking and was doing some serious panting. Pefect timing to try out the Canine Calm.
Without thinking, now this is partially my fault. I KNOW she doesn’t like to be misted or sprayed with anything. She was on the bed with me, and I misted the air above us so that the Canine Calm would drift through the room.
What I should have done was sprayed it on my hands then rubbed around her ears and tummy.

However, even though I did startle her with the spray, not uncommon for her anyway. She went to the living room for a few minutes but came back in the bedroom, laid down and actually did rest through the storm, still uneasy but she did rest and she did stop panting.

She has kept me awake trembling at times because it was storming. It didn’t stop her from shaking all together, but I do think I noticed she relaxed a bit. I have been talking to my husband about contacting the vet about getting her a doggie nerve medication, but she weighs less than 10 pounds, so that’s not really something I want to do either.

I’m going to keep trying the Canine Calm, next time I’ll spray my hands then pet her as the Earth Heart website clearly suggests.
Buzz Guard


This smells strongly like citronella, it’s not a smell that I’m personally fond of. However it is safer to use on my fur babies. Opinions do differ and you might be one that likes the smell of citronella.

The best part is that it’s safe to use on myself and my furbabies. I tried this one out on Teeny, she’s around 5 pounds. Yes, another chihuahua. 🙂 She doesn’t like to be sprayed or misted but she forgives quickly enough. We have had horrible problems with fleas this year.

The good part is that it did help get rid of some fleas, it’s not a poison that I have to worry about making her sick with and it can be used on the family too.

The bad part on this one is that I don’t think it really lasts beyond 3 days. However, every product I have used this year has left the same results, it just kind of fades after 3 days. On the same note, it’s not a poison and can very likely be reapplied more than once a week or once a month. That’s something I’ll have to double check on.

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