Families Of The Recession & The Five Fish

I want to point out a an article on a friends blog, The Five Fish.  Karie,  writes about a family recession and what her family has gone through.  It isn’t a rare story and many, many mom bloggers are going through the very same thing.  We choose not to talk about it because earning a low income or your income stats changing has become shameful.


To me families fighting to stay afloat and making ends meet, is a compliment and blessing.  It’s not easy to pay the bills, our family knows that well.  We have had a lot of medical bills that we’ve had to pay and try to keep up with and we HAVE insurance.  There is a myth that people who have insurance don’t have medical bills.  That is so false.  Did I mention I pay $370 month for said insurance?


Rose doesn’t have insurance and they hassle the hell out of her when she goes in.  This little surgery she had to have done has become a nightmare and you know what?  Doctors and nurses care about the bottom line not the patient.


Karie goes on to say that “emotional levels were taxed to their very limits.  Evil lurks in the depths of one’s mind and they begin to question their own faith in love and marriage, they doubt their partner and their position in the union, and eventually you feel like checking out.”


Our family has been through this.  The arguing and fighting about our finances, with my husband and I both saying do you want out?  That was ugly and I hate that we even felt that way.  It now seems so immature but the saying that there is a thin line between love and hate is so true.  I have done and said some pretty ugly things while fighting from a house of 5 girls.  I can tell you girls don’t fight nice.


My point in this post is join people who want to live.  Not live falsely covering your problems and putting on airs.  Join us and chat, share your story and lighten your burden.  Share your money savings idea with confidence and be proud because you’re trying.


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