And Then There Were Two


Wednesday I sent the boys off to their first day of school.  Ian started High School and Quinn Started Elementry School.  It was really odd to sit with Sarena as the boys caught the bus.  An hour later I took her to work and the house was quiet.  The pets didn’t even know what to do.  The cats were walking around meowing looking for their masters and the dog paced.  Darthy our turtle begged as usual for her daily worms.

It was a long day but I got tons of work done.  Work that’s been piling up because I’ve had to break up fights.  Make the kids turn off the games and get some exercise.  Make lunches etc.  I missed them terribly.  I wanted to hear the fighting and bickering.  I wanted to sigh at them and tell them to “fight nice”.  It is a vicious circle.

Today I heard boats running on the lakes on each side of us and it’s hard to belive that Summer is gone and Fall is here.  So to welcome Fall I’m going to start putting out my Halloween decorations.

Oh and my kids had fab days at school and I hope yours did too!


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