Dinner, Shopping & ’46 Jeep Oh My!


Is it the weather or just me?  Maybe it’s the kids going back to school and everyone getting up earlier but man is everyone cranky.  We’ve had to build fires already because it’s been that cold.

Ok so, I’m still a bit disgruntled at Mr. Winter.  He had some valid points but the problem is he didn’t go about it well.  Then he made these unreal demands. Like I can only work on the computer from 8 to 5 M-F but he expects dinner on the table at 3:30, I had to take the daughter in for shopping, you know stuff like that.  Well I’m 1/2 assed adhearing to it and I think he’s getting the point with all of his unfavorite dishes and threats of coal in his stocking <–yeah and that’s now and not at Christmas (tee hee)

Now I’m not suggesting to do mean stuff, I just like toying w/ my prey.  I figure I’m just about ready to pounce.

Redneck Witch was right however that all of this some how revolves his little pet ’46 Jeep he’s restoring, the economy, and he himself working too many hours.  I think maybe a little misplaced guilt on himself.  Oh well I don’t mind (evil witchy giggle)  Oh gee Halloween is a coming and I feel a bit of fun brewing.

Rose really is the bestest friend and when one of the husbands are not behaving they usually get it from both of us.  You must feel sorry for them just thinking of that.  That fact that my hubby’s friend called to tell him he’s on Witch Hunt left me laughing so hard I couldn’t catch a breath, because he didn’t even know what it was!


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