This Witch Is Ready For Halloween, Kind Of

I’m so ready for fall, cooler days and nights. However we have had the cooler nights, a huge plus! Great to have relief from the humidity! What else? I’m ready for Halloween!

I’m getting all giddy at the thoughts, this year I have the opportunity to dress up – and NO costume! So I’ll either be swiping an old one from my daughter or I’ll be making one. I don’t want something gaudy, I want something easy to move around in, I want to get close to the bonfire without going up in flames with it.

If I do wear her Halloween Costume, I’ll add a witch hat, you didn’t expect anything else did you? Winter Witch suggested that I add a tiara. I’m kind of liking that idea. <witchy grin> Another thing about her costume is that it’s going to be very short on me. So maybe I’ll get some boy-shorts and toss on a few goofy butt decorations so I’m not flashing my witchy goods through the night.

I just can’t seem to shake the whole Halloween is coming thought from my head. I’m ready for pumpkins and black cats, bonfires and caramel apples. Warm bowls of chili and casseroles. Snuggling at night ’cause the air is cool.

I so wish I was closer to Disney, they are having all kinds of Mickey Mouse and Disney themed parties. I’m soooo jealous! If there’s anything I like remotely near socks, it’s Mickey Mouse. My dream is to marry him ya’ know. Yes. He’s a boy and he doesn’t talk. Wouldn’t life be great with Mickey Mouse as your husband? lol

Are any of you this pepped up for Halloween, or is it just me awaiting my “witching hour”.

Oh gosh, I just crack myself up, this time of the year is so easy to be witchy and add all of those cute little puns. Please don’t tell me that you’re sick of it yet! 😉

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