Our Troops Love EOS Lip Balms – Evolution Of Smooth

Have you ever sat back and thought about our Troops? About the things they like, use and enjoy? The big and small things. What our troops do for us is just phenomenal. Simply put, they are our hero’s.

Today is my cousin’s birthday, she’s deployed in Afghanistan. I had no idea that she and some of the other gals in her unit are in love with EOS Lip Balms. See below the pictures of my cousin.

She’s beautiful isn’t she? See those little girls, I LOVE seeing the little ones smiling at her with such admiration. I get that little fuzzy warm feeling every time I see a picture of her with the women and children. I just don’t have enough words for the pride that I feel for her and for the rest of our Troops. The work that they do on a daily basis is worth so, very much on so many levels.

Happy Birthday Janean, we love you and miss you more than words can say! Thank you for everything that you do and thank you for being you. You’re special in so many ways.



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