Stress In My Life And Yours – How Do You Handle It? Think About Your Shower Head!

Have been reading along with our site for around a year? Or even since the beginning of this year? Then you’re well aware of some of the things that have stressed me out.

Now I’m not talking simple events, I’m talking major life changing events, sick child, losing my Mom, my husband who accidentally shot himself in Nov. of last year. Those are just to name the actual events, not the stress that went with losing Mom, I mean there just isn’t enough space or time in a day for me to outline the motions to go through. The depression I have faced, the sadness and memories, the week with my husband in the hospital, emergency room visits with my daughter and her having been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Don’t think I haven’t looked up and said “Dear God, please, just please let me have a few months off!

Having faced the worst bout of depression in my life, I have had to find ways to cope as best I can to keep on, keeping on. It hasn’t been easy but sometimes the most simple things in life can reduce stress and ultimately relax you. What’s mine?

A nice hot shower.

There are just a few things that I won’t skimp on unless I’m forced, and that’s toilet paper, tampons and the shower head. Honestly, I can’t wait to give the MoonGlide Hand Held Shower head a whirl.

That’s it. Now it’s not a cure all or an instant fix, but it sure makes facing the next day a little more relaxed. I have literally hung a sign on the bathroom door that simply read:

Leave Me Alone Unless Someone Has Stopped Breathing Or If Someone Is Bleeding.

Luxury in it’s most simple terms.

It’s actually a pretty effective sign, I should have laminated and saved it for multiple usage. 🙂

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