Stanley Home Products GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner

Fall is here and it’s time to do my window cleaning before winter sets in.  Our windows take some abuse because they are next to large pine trees.  These trees leak sap on the windows and sills making it a bit of a challenge to clean them, and Stanley Home Products took on that challenge with me.

Stanley Home Products sent me their GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner for review.  This foaming spray’s dual action foam combines powerful cleaning action of ammonia, and GrimeGuard.   GrimeGuard helps guard against dirt accumulation.  The protective shield keeps your glass surfaces cleaner longer, and for me this is important.  There is no way I’m going out to clean windows in the winter.

The foaming spray is non streaking and dries quick.  It worked on something else that is hard for me to keep clean.  Our glass slider.  It is constantly being slobbered on by our dog and the neighbor dog that comes to play.  I really didn’t think it would work well on that icky stuff but it did.  Check out Stanley Home Products on Facebook and Twitter too.

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