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Remember, back “in the day” when Nintendo first came out? My sister, Mom and myself all would stay up all night full of determination to beat Bowser on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). That was it, Nintendo grew into this huge all-out household war! Tips, tricks and secrets is what we were hunting. We had so much fun together, thinking back on it truly makes me smile. I suppose this dates me a little but I really don’t mind.

With my Mom and the youngest of my two sisters we grew with the Nintendo line of games. The truth is that literally the day my Mom passed away she had played Super Nintendo (SNES). Mom played her game so much, so often that she stained the Wheel of Fortune SNES game into the television. Mom even kept a Game Boy Advance in her purse. Actually she had one at my oldest sister’s house and a “spare” here at home.

Now, you can check out the picture of what my kids and I do on rainy days and even when the electric goes out. Believe me, that happens a lot to us! Unfortunately, I forgot about Mom’s GBA when I took this picture or I would have included it also. I’ll probably share it with you all later.

Before I go any farther, take serious note of the huge price-drop on the Nintendo 3Ds! The price went from $249.99 down to $169.99, serious sale value in my opinion. Having bought game systems, units and the games to go with them it’s a price I can live with.

Now, as a Mom I still play (obviously). My favorites are still Mario and good ole’ Luigi. I’m not sure if we’ll ever really part ways. If it had to happen, I wouldn’t surrender without a fight! I would jump into my (Mario) Kart and chase em’ down!

Pictured above are the Nintendo DS (white), the Nintendo DSi (pink) and last but certainly not least, the Nintendo 3DS (aqua). Mom’s GBA is a dark blue color, both of them. Also not pictured is my daughter’s Nintendo DSi.

Why did we graduate up from the Nintendo DS? Simply put, the camera! My daughter avidly shares photos of our pets, herself and her friends … on Facebook using her hand-held game.

Ok ok ok! This isn’t all about Nintendo History or past games. This is about <insert drum roll here> the Nintendo 3DS!

My favorite part is as it’s always been, backwards compatibility. Meaning that some older DS or DSi games can be played in 2D on the Nintendo 3DS. Your old games still work and aren’t just tossed away. You can bring your favorite 2D game along with you. Having kids, this is a money saver.

For some that might be like me and get nauseated or dizzy playing in full blown 3D mode, you can scale up or down how much 3D action is shown on the screen. Even using this hand-held in 2D mode is clear, I think better than on the other hand-helds.Very quick and easy to adjust, on the top, right hand side of the screen. It’ll take me a little while but I’ll get used to the 3D play.

The stereoscopic 3D display of the upper screen gives objects within the game world a feeling of space and depth that extends far into the back of the screen.

This hand-held comes with it’s own charging cradle, again another plus from me.

  • The 3DS comes with built in software. Nintendo 3DS Camera, Mii Maker, StreetPass Mii Plaza, AR Games, Face Raiders, Activity Log, Nintendo eShop, Internet Browser, 3DS sound, 3D Videos, System Transfer, and HotSpot Partners.

Another one of my personal favorites is the Activity Log, it tracks game play, noting which games you have played and how long you have played them. But, here is the kicker. It counts every step you take when you are carrying your Nintendo 3DS with you. You can track data by day, week, month or year. Walk more every day and you earn Play Coins. They can be used with compatible games and applications to get special content and a variety of other benefits.

Face Raiders is a blast! You use the camera, take a picture of yourself, a friend or family member. It’s then put right into play by placing it in a range of shooting targets. The neat part, you aren’t sitting still. I really think Mom would have enjoyed this game and it would have been great for occupational therapy (physical therapy for the arms/hands).
To “shoot” with ball like items you have to actually move, lean and turn to search and aim. You’ll be aiming high and low picking off your targets. This is one I can up the 3D gameplay on and it didn’t make me dizzy. Funny since you’re moving around while playing this game.
This was a very neat discovery for my daughter and I, it combines the gyro sensor feature with the 3D gameplay. Funesome!
ESRB Rating – Everyone

There are so many features packed into the Nintendo 3DS that I was truly awed at the differences between this unit and the former (older) units. All tried and true, each one loved.

The last week and a half, with my daughter having had viral meningitis I have to tell you all that the systems we own have really been a helping hand keeping my daughter still since the Dr.’s want her on partial bed-rest and not physically exerting herself.

  • Interested? Then you really should check it out. There has been a huge price-drop on the Nintendo 3DS from $249.99 DOWN to $169.99. Now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas if you haven’t already.

Stay tuned with your game playing favorite ‘witch’ for Nintendo 3DS games and lots more!

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