Grandoe Corporation Leto Sensor Touch Gloves For Your Media

My mother makes fun of me and if I were 10 a gain would make me wear gloves and a jacket. I don’t get cold outside in the snow. I don’t know why but I don’t. The past few years though I’ve had to start wearing gloves because the weather is hard on my skin. Grandoe Corporation has gloves I will have to fight my kids for. These gloves help you “Stay Warm and Stay Connected” with their touch screen compatible sensor touch.

The Grandoe’s mission is to enhance comfortand enjoyment of life. As part of Grandoe’s ongoing effort, they have combined this extensive glove making experience with “mobile touch screen technology” to bring intelligent and fashion together.


I received a pair of Leto – Women’s Texting Gloves for review. They were difinetly fun work with and I was very surprised that they work well. 4 out of 3 of us here have different phones and they worked on all three. Winter got an early jump on many of us and we need to get those hands covered and looking nice. This is the perfect place to start!


Save 15% off of your first pair of Leto gloves by using code:  SLELEVEN at check out.

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