11/17/11 Fuller Original Stone Cleaner – Giveaway #Rafflecopter


Fuller, Original Stone Cleaner helps preserve natural beauty of stone. Safe for marble and granite, and in one step polishes and protects. I just got new granite counter tops and have had a hard time deciding what I want to clean them with. We also have 2 fireplaces with stone and in the 20 years we’ve lived here we haven’t cleaned them. Yeah I take a vacuum brush to them and they look clean but they aren’t.

Preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and patina of polished stone surfaces is an investment in the life of the surfaces. The Original Stone Cleaner is safe to use on marble, granite, and corian. This helps with cleaning and shining the surface with a clean lemon scent.

I have to admit wiping down the new counters was a no brainer but the fireplaces were a bit more complicated. I had obviously left them too long and there was soot to clean off. The Original Stone Cleaner did the job and it looks new. I will definitely keep up the fireplaces after seeing the grime I cleaned off.

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