Deer Season – Conservation Efforts

Everyone has their favorite time of the year. In our family we look forward to fall hunting season. In our area businesses close up for a week, school is out and everyone is dressed out in camouflage and hunter orange vests and ball caps. Our thermoses full of coffee and/or hot chocolate as we walk the woods.

When my kids were younger and would head out to play, or were going to walk to a friends house the rules were that they had to wear the hunter orange vest and cap. Some equip their livestock and pets with orange vests for safety.

As crazy as this may sound I can’t wait for November 12th, the opening day of deer season. We’re all anxious to walk the woods and freeze our backsides off!

Years ago I really didn’t have much interest in hunting, it just didn’t peak my interest. My husband shot a deer with his bow during archery season and couldn’t find it. So we all got together and walked the woods. When the kids and I got a little tired and stopped to take a short break, I heard something and looked to my right. There stood a doe. I was ecstatic. That single moment is what led to me taking the hunters safety course. I have since harvested two deer on my own. I’m proud of it too!

Now I know there are some that are going to think/say “leave the deer alone, let them be, don’t eat them”, but I disagree. Without efforts from the Conservation department and hunters, there would be an abundance of population that leads to illness, injuries of the animal and people, damage to vehicles and crops. It’s an effort on all parts. Many hunters donate their harvest to food banks. Food banks today, are in dire need of meat products. Their shelves are going bare and families are going hungry.

Stay tuned for a GREAT review and giveaway that’s a little along these lines. For now, what I’m wondering from you all is this, does your family participate in hunting/fishing? If so, what season is your favorite?

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