nicobella Vegan, Orgainic Dark Chocolate Truffles


Need chocolate? If you’re like my daughter and I you love chocolate. We discovered nicobella vegan organic dark chocolate truffles. This evolved out of love and passion for choclate from Nichole Dandrea a professional nutritionist and yoga instructor. She strived to share her true lifestyle with others. Included in her love for whole foods and her craze for chocolate, dark, sensuous, and savory she created nicobella.

Her values at the forefront of her business her choclates are Vegan, Organic, Natural, Fair Trade, and Sustainable Packaging. Practicing what she preaches Nichole has created a delicious business, while keeping her values in place.

Our family was treated to a pack of Nicobella Truffles. Made with organic and Fair Trade 70% dark chocolate, these truffles are delicious. These are rich and help you keep your portion size to one while also giving into your craving.

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