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Double Duel – A Sound – Alike Word Game
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What better way to learn than by playing? It is a fact that turning teaching into a game sticks to the mind. When my son was 4, he was given Bible verses to memorize, to help him remember each verse we used a “tune” of sorts and would do small hand motions or a foot movement to go along with the tune of the verse.

Seriously, it was the ultimate in cute!

He would arrive at his Sunday School class and when it was his turn he did his tune and dance. I was proud, he was proud and his Sunday School teacher was proud. All around win/win situation.

Double Duel™ A Sound-Alike Word Game

It’s a color. The wind did this.  
What’s the answer?
This high-speed game with words that sound the same builds vocabulary connections and is great fun for the whole family.  If you know the answer, be the first to hit your buzzer.  

Each one makes a different fun sound—honk honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boing.  

Color-coded question cards provide two levels of play.  
The Double Duel game comes with: 200 double-sided, self-checking clue cards in a box; Activity Guide and 4 buzzers.  
Buzzers require  2 AAA batteries.  For 3 or more players.  Ages 7 and up. 


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