Food Crisis In America ~ Gaballi Replaces Angel Food Ministries

Need Help With Groceries?
This time of the year can be more trying than others. I especially appreciate programs that offer us a hand UP instead of a hand out.

Sometimes using coupons just isn’t enough, with prices going sky high at grocery stores many families struggle to keep a decent square meal on the table.

Not long ago, a wonderful program – Angel Food Ministries was forced to close their doors after 17 years.
I was SO happy to find out that there is now a replacement for that program. So many families need help and if it’s just in the form of being able to purchase groceries at a lower price, then by all means – SPREAD THE WORD! Gaballi

How Gaballi Is Helping With The Food Crisis in America:
Gaballi provides boxes of top quality fruits and vegetables at a 30-70% savings from the current national retail prices.
Gaballi is a faith based non-denominational organization that sells to EVERYONE.

All food boxes are delivered to non-profit organizations (host sites) once a month at a scheduled date and time. The families pick up their boxes at their designated host site during these set time frames. For example; Saturday, November 19th from 8am to 11am.

Non-profit host sites earn $1 for every box PLUS free food based on their percentage of group sales each month.

Gaballi has an amazing program that offers everyone the chance to earn FREE FOOD every month by simply referring our program to their family and friends. There are no registration fees and membership is free.

Gaballi gives $1 to the host sites for every box they deliver and also has a program to donate a percentage of free food to all of these active organizations and their members.  Non-profit organizations are using the free food they earn to fill their food pantries and help the growing number of individuals and families lining up at their organization for aid and assistance.  Schools are also reporting a rise of children in need of food assistance programs. Gaballi is giving these organizations another avenue to help feed all of these families in need, and offering everyone a chance to cut their groceries bills by thirty to seventy percent. The next food delivery date is November 19, 2011 and the deadline for the public to place their orders for this delivery date is Sunday, November 13th at midnight.


This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation from anyone for this post, and Gaballi probably doesn’t even know who I am. Just a random “witch” wandering the web.

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