Thank a Veteran Today!


Today, celebrating Vetern’s Day I want to thank those that have served our country, those that are still serving our country. Whether we leave the countries we are occupying or whether it is handing out aid to catastrophy victims we as a nation can be proud.

Our local area has many people serving our country including teachers, doctors and boys that just graduated from high school. It is so hard to send them off not knowing if you’ll see them again. Not knowing if they will see their children again. It is heartbreaking and I give credit to not just the veterns but to their families as well. They are to be commended and thanked too.

There is another set of heroes I would like to honor too. Those that have forever made our country what it is today. Our Forefathers worked hard to build a country that would be free not just of speech but of religion too. We were given the rights no other countries have. We have illegal aliens because these people too want to be freedom. Something most of us were born with.


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