Just All Around Blah


Well I guess it’s the season to just be feeling blah. Not sure what’s up with me but I have had, what I would call a minor sore throat.
Now, when I swallow it hurts in the back of my neck and almost into parts of my shoulders, kind of hard to explain. It’s almost like a crick in my neck but I can turn it left and right, there’s no way I want to even try to look up or down – wow, it’s enough to knock me off my feet!

I had more blood work done not long ago to check for the icky lyme disease, and of course one again it returned that it’s not gone. *sigh* So I’m back on the dreaded doxycyline. I’m hoping that anti-biotic will cover whatever else is going on with my sore throat.

We’re getting a lot of rain here now, which knocks my connection goofy. That is really annoying especially when I have posts to put up for our readers! We want you all to have the best content and offerings that we can find – we take a lot of pride in that.

Hang with me through being under the weather and the weather being under the weather!

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