Benefits Of Layaway To Ourselves & Our Country

There is a lot on the news lately about Layaway coming back.  Last year and this year we went to Kmart because we were able to put our gifts for Christmas on layaway.  A bit of planning on our part made for an easier Christmas season for us all.  While we did have to pay I think $5 it was worth it to pay a little on a regular basis.  Last year Walmart didn’t get our Christmas money because they didn’t have a layaway.   They are a little behind in the learning curve but it’s being advertised, so I have a sneaky suspicion the consumer won.

Also being advertised is sale prices being matched if the item you have in layaway goes on sale.  You do have to watch and make sure you catch the product on sale so the adjustment can be made, but it is still the way for my family to go.  I do not like Christmas decorations up before we give thanks at Thanksgiving, but at the same time I have to be realistic as to what our family can afford, in the time frame we can pay for it.

I know some other stores are bringing back layaway too, and I understand the risk of people not taking their layaways out, but the benefits out weigh  the risks.  People are spending less and less on toys, clothes, and other things that can be put on the back burner.  Layaway helps increase spending, which helps increase revenues and at some point this can bring us out of our economical slump.  The law of supply and demand is unbalanced.  There is too much supply and less demand for marketable goods at this time.  Increasing spending will increase demand helping to balance our countries financial state.


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