Sometimes A Mom Just Gives Up!

I try not to write a bunch of negatives except the economy. I think I’m going to ban that word for a year. Yesterday was a day of days. My youngest son had a Birthday party and was so excited to go. He got his gift, the perfect gift bag, and made a card. While I was a little put out with the fact that it was a 45 minute drive out, in the woods at a summer camp. It’s rather large and on the lake and its used by the girl scouts and boy scouts too.

So I drove him out and we had a spelling test the whole way out. And there are no cars. None. No people, no nothing. I had a bad feeling but I walked him up to the main hall and yep, it was locked. So he and I drove around to the other out buildings and saw no one. I moved to a higher area so my cell would have a signal and called. No one answered. I talked to him and told him we were going home and my heart broke when he started to cry. He hardly ever cries, even when he’s physically hurt he’s not a crier. I felt terrible and a little peeved becasue I had spoke to the mom the day before.

Part way home I pulled over to call them again, and there was no answer. I got home and Quinn fell asleep on me and my daughter called to be picked up from work. I got him in bed and ran to get her (1 mile away. Maybe I should have had her walk idk, but it was freezing cold).

Get home and we get a phone call Ian my older son is lost in the woods. Now woods here and woods where many live are not the same. On a brighter note he was able to make a phone call from where he was to my husband which meant he was in an area with a tower. This news just pushed me over the edge. Not crying because well I’m not a crier but I was pretty damn close.

We did attatach a GPS to the boy but weren’t sure how to use it and he did have a working cell we could ping but I was highly embarassed. I was worried too because it was in the 30s. Hubby found him about an hour later and gave me a big sigh of relief.

I of course had to call the other witch, scream, yell, and most of all they hunted and never got a stupid dear (ARGH). We were hoping for three, 1 for our family, 1 for my father in law, and one for my mother in law. We have a few more days left but no time off.

During all of this time my husband was going through popcorn for the boy scouts. He picked it up tallied it etc. We’re talking 12k in popcorn sales here ya know? We want to do the right thing but we are short 4 cases of one and 6 cases of another. Everyone is showing up to get their popcorn.

Today we are having a dinner for my mother in laws Birthday. I am painting the Nativity for the Church and they got the bright idea that Birch Bark around the porcelin pieces would make it perfect. (I have to stop thinking).

And this post doesn’t make a lot of sense but *exhale* I don’t care I needed to get it all out. *Whew*


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