What Are You Doing To Get Ready For Christmas?

What do your kids want for Christmas? Are they more interested in buying for others or are the more interested in what they’re going to get. My kids know it’s been super tight the past couple of years. We only get gifts for the people in our home and last year my husband and I only got a few small things for each other. That didn’t bother him our I. Christmas is an experience not a gimme gimme.

Our Advent calendar and wreath catch their attention most. The meaning of the season and that makes me proud. Making the gingerbread houses houses together as a family and displaying them on my grandmothers buffet is next. It makes me smile. Last year our orange kitty sat of them while they were drying. *BAD BAD BAD KITTY!*

They can’t wait to do some baking. Over the summer I pick up festive plates and trays for pennies and we fill them with fresh baked goods. We stop by friends houses put them on the stoop and run. Usually when they’re not home. (Kinda like the May Day baskets).


I asked for their Christmas lists and here is where we stand:

  • Sarena 17, A book teaching her to sew, shoes (they are always on her list lol) and that’s about it.
  • Ian 14, a computer used would be ok if it worked (that made me smile), the new Journey DVD coming out (I think, but I’m not sure).
  • Quinn 9, my gosh this kid is creative, Legos, extra long gloves so his wrists don’t get cold and maybe some lego people with a (mom you can get these on ebay if you want).

Their lists aren’t hard and makes my heart smile. They are buying for each other and their grandparents this year with money they earned and we helped them budget. In yesterdays car trip with Quinn he told me who he bought and what for, but not me. The kid can keep a secret well! Told me who he wanted to buy for and what he wanted to get them. I think we may have to help him a bit but the fact he looked through the new fliers today looked promising.


Lastly I’m big on wrapping. Being Creative and having fun.  A jaunt out side and pulling a few pine branches make beautiful accessories for wrapping (do not listen to Rose and my darling Charlie Brown Tree), plain brown paper bags cut and turned inside out and decorated by the kids makes wonderful wrapping and tied will a little jute is perfect.


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