Children Should Not Die Before Their Parents

Photo from Petoskey News Review Website


My heart is a little heavy today thinking of Army Private Jack Diener II, only 20 years old from Boyne City Michigan. This small town if full of love and life and lost this young man on 11/21/11. He was serving our country in Afghanistan.

Recently our local NBC news, Up North Live featured Alanson Michigan. This was the first place my husband and I called home when we were first married. The towns in our area are so small they almost connect together as one big area. Up North Live shared this quote, “The graduating class of 2009 had 12 graduates. I believe it was a six-to-six ratio of male to female. Out of the six males we had three enlist in the military,” said Nicholas Robbins. *The below video is from Up North Live.*

Wow just wow. Not only is this commendable but it leaves a lot of worried mamas and papas. I am so saddened by Army Private Jack Diener II’s death, and I didn’t know him. He is a hero as is every single person fighting for our country and their families. Sons and daughters aren’t supposed to die before their parents. Boys turning into nice young men should not be dead.

Please keep our military families both here and away in your prayers. Think of our boys and girls and pray for their safety.

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