Kidorable’s NEW Dragon Knight Collection

A long time ago my husband, daughter, and I (we didn’t have the boys then), went to Merchants Night downtown Petoskey. We walked into one of the little stores and they had some pretty clothes and accessories for kids. I was looking around and my little strawberry blond haired daughter found an umbrella she had to have. It was a Ladybug and yep you guessed it, it was from Kidoraable. When I wouldn’t let her have it she had a tantrum. Later in the week I went back and got it, and put it under the tree. I’ve racked my brain to try and figure out when this was and I think it was 1996, just before I had Ian.

I wanted to tell you about something else we’re doing here. I hate Legos under my feet, and my boys love and don’t care where they are. I received the new Dragon Knight collection backpack for review.   I also have the Dinosaur, Fireman, Pirate and Space Hero Backpacks. We have separated the Legos so that the Knights and Castles go in the Dragon Knight backpack, the Pirate Legos go in the Pirate Backpack and so on. These are hung up on hangers in his closet and have become a great storage system for us.

Kidorable has come a LONG way from the Ladybug, and is now introducing their new Dragon Knight collection. I know this is already a hit at our house and any little boy would be thrilled to find this collection under the tree. Not only is it useful in keeping your child warm and dry but it’s a great costume that encourages imaginitive play.

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