I #ShopSmall at Olesons Grocer because they have great service #SBSPerk

Oy, it took me long enough to post this but I assure you that My $25 went to good use.  I was provided with a $25 American Express Gift Card to use in a small business.  I decided to use it at our local grocer.  You know the kind.  They get passed up because they only have a small selection of products, they’re not open 24 hours, and they’re usually a little more expensive.


I bought:

10 lbs of flour

10 lbs of sugar

1 doz eggs

2 bags of chocolate chips

and frosting.


All of this is going to be made in baked good that our family will have quality time making.  The people we want to show we appreciate them will now get a nice plate of cookies, bars, and if I get brave enough fudge for a holiday treat.

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