Oliver Kita Chocolates – Absolutely Amazing

I was thrilled not long ago to see Oliver Kita in the caller id. I lost all thoughts in my head when on the other end it was THE Oliver Kita. He shared with me that he is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he moved to New York to get out of the Michigan Winters. I’m not sure if that was a good trade off this year or not. I hung up thinking “What a nice man!” I don’t get to speak with sponsors as much as I would like and this was indeed a treat.

To top this off I received an delicious box of, Organic “Green Earth” Holiday Collection chocolates. This box was created with organic chocolate from Valrhona of France, the artist color of “Terre Verte” inspired Oliver Kita to create the “Green Earth” Holiday Collection. This comes already gift wrapped (free of charge), using recycled and recyclable packaging.

Hudson Valley Chocolate Shop with Oliver Kita’s Chocolate Salon from Oliver Kita on Vimeo.

Who could ever know organic tastes so well, and the arrangement is second to none. They are beautiful to look at. Recycled? No way this wrapping and presentation are recycled. This box will make the receiver even if it is yourself feel special.


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