Leather Notebook Cover From Ple Designs Rustic Elegance

I’m not exactly keen on making a Christmas list. Doing so states you expect a gift from someone. To me a gift is something thoughtful, and picked just for me. My husband is an awesome gift picker, and this year he outdid himself.

I’m constantly writting and always carry a good pen and hardcovered notebook. I’m am always jotting downthings down, making product notes on items we’re review. Writing notes to send cards to those I think could use a pick me up. Waiting in the car for the kids is a wasted opportunity. It could bed a thoughtful moment or a simple grocery list.

Model Show on the Ple Designs Rustic Elegance

Even carrying my hard covered notebook it’s not always stable. A few weeks ago I dropped it and 5 or 6 pages fell out. Hubby came home to find me frantically trying to stack and tape the pages back in and in order.

Bless him, he didn’t laugh. He helped me put it back together. Days later I was surfing the net with him sitting next to me on the couch. Somehow I brought up an ad for Leather Journal & Notebook Covers. I pointed at the page and said if you’re looking for ideas I need that. It was at most a 10 second look.

Christmas morning I was so excited to find this beautiful leather notebook cover and to top it off my name, properly spelled, embedded on the bottom front corner. The leather is so beautiful and ties with a charm on the end of the leather tie.  Closing my eyes this was the exact vision of the cover I wanted. This will always sentimental to me and a great memory.

Different Color Leathers Available

According to my husband and daughter this took him a week of searching to find and then knowing want I wanted it for making it fit the specifications.  However, the story doesn’t end here the stores name is Ple Designs, Rustic Elegance.  My husband said he ordered it on a Friday night.  spoke with the person making it and the perfect product in his hands on Monday.  He is impressed with their customer service.



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