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The Ghosts of Rockville

By:  Justin Heimberg

My kids are bookworms and when a new book comes in the house it’s a fight to see who gets it first. The Ghosts of Rockville, came while the boys were at school and while my daughter was home. She’s had it over Christmas break and loves it.

When Jay Winnick receives a mysterious blank piece of paper in the mail, he doesn’t think much of it. After all, it’s not such a weird thing to a kid who routinely subdues poltergeists, fends off deadly apparitions, and otherwise meddles in the affairs of the undead. Plus, there’s nothing even on the paper… Soon, that “nothing” thrusts Jay into the most perilous quest of his young ghost-hunting life, a paranormal puzzle involving spirit boards, crop circles, an ancient secret order, and just about every ghost type in the Encyclopedia of the Paranormal. At least he’s not alone. Joining Jay on his quest are his best friends and fellow ghost hunters: Danni, a forensics expert and lover of all things disgusting; Pam, a psychic of dubious ability at best; and Brian, a closet brainiac and nerd who lives a double life disguised as a dumb jock who just happens to be the most popular kid in school. Together, Jay and his friends must find the key that will unlock a mystical artifact that holds the power to control the spirit world. At stake is nothing less than the balance between life and death.

Adding MagicView to the viewing experience allows hidden images to appear and creates an enhanced and interactive reading experience. At first glance a MagicView image appears to be like an ordinary picture but once you press the clear lens to the page, the concealed image comes into view, turn the lens and a new image appears, turn it again, another appears.

My kids and I found The Ghosts of Rockville fun and inviting. Not only does the story hold your attention but so does the fun with the MagicView. I would recommend this for anyone but especially for kids who you are trying to get to read.

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