01/20/12 The Shiterature Sampler – The Perfect Bathroom Book – *5* Winners Giveaway

I seriously don’t know where to begin with this book. It is one of the funniest, grossest, and TRUE books I’ve ever read. Shiterature by S. Jane Gari & Heidi R. Willis, is a book filled with bathroom stories that will make you cringe. It isn’t a book for kids, but some of it can be shared with them. It is a great book to share with your adult friends, though.

My daughter 18 read the first story and laid it beside me and said “I’m never going to be a mom”. I laughed. The first story is about a poor new mother that is backed up and the misery she went throug to ummmm relieve herself.

Everyone has bodily functions but none of us like to talk to them or at least out of immediate family. Another story that had me laughing and in tears was about two little girls that visit grandma and grandpa with a strict policy of 5 pieces for wiping. Of course with out even telling you, you KNOW the toilet backs up.

These are so much fun and have had our family laughing. I’ve had to cut a lot of parts out here and there because they’re not things I want to share with the boys. It is a great book live in the bathroom to share with friends and families.

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5 Networking Witches readers are going to win a copy of this PERFECT book to put in your bathroom.  The Shiterature Sampler

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