Changes Coming to Networking Witches


Rose and I wanted to share with you some exciting new things coming to Networking Witches. First we’re going to have 2 new witches. Brewing Witch is going to be in charge of (keeping with the witch theme) Cauldron Cooking. Rose and I have known her almost a decade. I can’t believe it. I remember when her girls were teens!

Tami is a wonderful cook and will be making menus, recipes, and grocery lists, but wait! That’s not all. She’s also going to be scouting for sales and helping you to save money on those grocery lists. You cannot help but love her.

The other witch is on the fence at the moment. As soon as we have the down low we’ll share the information with you.

Sadly 2 witches can no longer do all the work that it takes to run Networking Witches. We work hard to share money savings codes with you and share daily mom stuff in general, while at the same time posting reviews and giveaways. There is much work behind the scenes that no one see but I assure you as our readers are tops on our list.

Thank you so much!

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