Snitchy (Why) Witches + Blogging Rule #1 – It Seems This Needs Reposted

It’ SO funny, Winter Witch and I were just discussing that we thought we were beyond some readers thinking that we made a bad choice using the word “witch” in our name and url.
To those that do practice pagan beliefs good luck to you, I know nothing about it.
To each his or her own!
Whatever floats your boat.
Differences make the world go ’round.

Since there’s been many more comments on our About Us page, I thought I would address those here, and enjoy every moment of it.
When we say we won’t howl at the moon, I guess what we mean is that we won’t do it sober. So it’s not totally out of question. We aren’t saying that those that do practice a witch religion (seriously fill in the blank, the  name RedNeck Witch should seriously point out that I’m far from being politically correct).

C’mon have a sense of humor. The entire term “mom blog” has been shot to death! No offense to those that do use the word Mom in their blog, but it’s not a choice WE wanted to make. We want to be set aside from others, we don’t want to be seen as the same ole’, same ole’. It’s simply not us. And really, my favorite part is that a lady in PR accidentally addressed us as “NetWorking B*itches”. True story! And oh so funny.

Why not pick a controversial name?
We really don’t want to learn about witches. Again, differences make the world go ’round. If I take the time to learn something about witches then something will irritate me, I’ll post it and someone will come back mad or all sorts of bent out of shape because of what I may or may not think or feel.

Folks, this is our corner of the world, we could dub it MY SHAT SMELLS LIKE ROSES for Valentine’s because it makes me giggle then change the name back later for the grins. (get the pun?)

That my dearies is the glory of running your own website. You pick the name, the content and everything else that might float our boat. It’s fun!

I tend to come across more brash than Winter Witch does, I guess it’s because I don’t like to beat around the bush. I truly am this bold in person. I really do say what I think, when I feel like it. Even when the timing isn’t “proper”. (again, read the username RedNeck Witch)

Please, don’t forget – we are not 24 year old virgins with babies on our hips. We worked and worked hard and 24 is an adult.
Truth is we’re both over the age of 30. What’s this got to do with age, I don’t ordinarily even mention age so I don’t know.

We were and always have been very aware of the fact that our name is not politically correct. We aren’t going to change it, we like it. Well if you pay us enough we MIGHT think about it, but I’m not so sure it would actually happen. And yes, I still reserve trading off my kids for a package of cookies. I won’t settle for hotdogs.

And not to drag religion in this, because I can’t stand it when people argue over religions, but I don’t recall the Bible reading that we can’t have fun in a name. We could go on and on and on about christianity, religions, our name and more, but I’m going to pick my battles, this isn’t a battle.

We have our name, we win. lol

Blogging Rule #1 -Grow Thick Skin!

Do it, or take a crash course. If you are going to blog and put yourself out “there” in any fashion … apply rule #1.

Now, can we all please just join hands and sing The Barney Song or something? Just sayin’.

The End.