*%($* Seriously @Chartercom Is Going To Cause Me To Have A Heart Attack!


Yesterday morning I went to get online, and yep nada.  So I called my parents who live next door and my mom tells me my phone is cutting out bad.  Mind you both of these are provided to me by Charter.  SO I call them to tell them and their operators can’t even hear me.  Fast forward 2 hours.  The Cable Man comes and says there is already someone working on the lines down the road and he’ll see what’s going on.


He comes back a little later and says there’s a lot of noise on the line and they were going to disconnect me and my parents to rule us out.  *Sigh*  *FREAKING LOUD SIGH*  My husband is an electrical draftsman & alarm tech but hey w/e.  They come back and yep it’s not us the noise is still there and they don’t know the cause.


They have told me they changed all the lines but the haven’t, know how I know?  We painted the house 3 years ago and there is still paint on the wires.  Freaking give me a break I’m not a moron.  So I’m using this unexpected up time to bitch and moan and possibly get some awesome posts up.


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