My Top 10 & Bottom 10 Zune Loads

I was searching some music today and not finding what I wanted ran across some long forgotten music and videos. I remember when I was like 12 my dad got a satellite dish because we didn’t cable in our area (not that Charter is good but what are ya gonna do?) and I fell in love with this channel called MTV! Oh man everything my parents didn’t want me to know, watch or think about was there.

I neglect to write about so many bands I miss and liked because I get wrapped up in other things so here are my likes and dislikes on my Zune. Feel free to add your own.

Top 10
Guns N Roses
White Snake
BeeGee (yeah I know don’t say it pleassssse)
Def Leppard
Journey (I know same old same old there)
Fleetwood Mac (They may be my favorite)
Kid Rock
The Who
Led Zeplin (last dance every dance at school Stairway to Heaven)
ok top 11 Asia!

Bottom 10
Rush (do not like them at all)
Dire Straights
Glen Campbell
Gordon Lightfoot
Nirvana (Ewwwww Nails on a Chalk Board)
Billy Ocean
Toni Basil
Air Supply

Next week these will probably change with my mood but my kids loaded a mixed set on my Zune and it just has to go. Almost of all the bottom 10s are on the tracks.

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