Sinuses Or Toothache? I’m Scared. Seriously.

More annoying than being down with a cold is that my internet was down twice recently, both times for more than 3 days. This hasn’t been a recurrence for us, unlike poor Winter Witch and her dealings with Charter here, here, here, and here.

So I feel that my two brief bouts of downtime isn’t nearly that bad. The first round was because my modem went out. The second time was because the new modem and satellite weren’t aligned quite right, if you know anything about the satellite internet connection then you know that if it’s off by even a hair, it’s a huge burp in connectivity.

Since we live in a rural area we can’t get a solid dsl connection like most locations. Dial-Up isn’t even an option out here. They wiped it out within the last 4  years.

I am absolutely sick of being sick! If it’s not one thing it’s another. Discovering that I have medication allergies  hasn’t been a walk in the park, since I end up covered in hives, a horrid itchy rash that’s relentless.

This last week I have had a bout with a sinus infection. I’ll spare you all the details, I’m sure you’re well aware of it. Skip up to today, I woke up with an earache and a headache, my cheek bone hurts, even what feels like my eye socket hurts and the upper teeth on my right jaw.

Now, I’m wondering if I have a hefty toothache setting up.

This scares me.

A lot.

I’m scared of pain and the dentist. Moreso the dentist. Nothing personal if you’re a dentist. I had a traumatic experience when I was very young – I’m freaked out. Near tears freaked out.

Very scared.

It’s hard to be an adult and not impose my fears on my kids – very hard. But the last time I had to have a tooth pulled the dentist literally knocked me smooth out. A little pinch on the hand, count backwards …. then you wake up wobbly with a lot of gauze in your mouth. I am literally freaked out at the thought of this possibly being a tooth hurting that I could go into a full blown panic attack. And yes, I really have those! The anxiety of it all could very likely push me into panic mode.

Hateful little cycle.

A heck of a situation isn’t it?

Any tips on how I can decipher if this is a lingering sinus infection or if it’s toothache? I’m open to hear any and home remedies!

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