03/28/12 Season 1 of Breakout Kings – Giveaway #Rafflecopter

Grab your Season 1 of “Breakout Kings”! I hadn’t watched this it takes a con to catch a con show until recently. I’m definitely a new loyal viewer. There’s no escape now that “Breakout Kings”, was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. This gripping suspense show gives the provoactive characters and experience for non-stop action and fun.

Breakout Kings, has been renewed for a second season, so catch up on episodes missed with the new Season 1 DVD. Watch unconventional partners working together to catch convicts on the run. Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped.

Marshals Charlie DuChamp & Ray Zancanelli, are taking an unorthodox approach to their work and using former fugitives to catch fugitives. If they agree to help, the fugitives’ sentences will be reduced for each escaped convict they bring in.

I received a copy of this video for review. This opinion is mine alone.


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