Hush Puppies Slippers By Grandoe Spring Break Collection

Hush Puppies slippers by Grandoe are the natural outgrowth of the collaboration of two companies. Their latest shared effort is the Hush Puppies Spring Break Collection for Spring/Summer 2012. The Spring Break collection is plush, plaid and prints!

This collection is designed to appeal to women and men seeking to express their individuality with fashion ease. Each style is ideal for lounging at home, spending time at the pool, beach or spa. The FEATHERWEIGHT outsole is delightfully lightweight, yet durable for indoor/outdoor wear.

They are offered in sizes for women in 6-10 and men from 9-13. This is perfect for yourself or a gift. Think Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. These are both useful and stylish slippers in a covered toe or a thong type slipper.

I love these! No one here can walk on the carpet with shoes so we’re back and forth between the tile floors pulling your shoes off to walk on the carpet and so on. These are officially my house shoes.  The Hush Puppies by Grandoe are comfortable and have a slight sole to help protect your feet.


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